Company Profile

Bio-Gen is founded in year 2000 and the aim of our company establishment is representing, suppying, and marketing pharmaceuticals to the Turkish Market without abandon its vision and principal

Our Headquarter Office is located in Ankara, capital of Turkey and branch office is located in Istanbul commiting to our headquarter, being represented as a director region.

Bio-Gen services fastidiously, intelligently, within limits by the means of constitute the selling platform under the regulations with a team having well experienced, young and dynamic representatives covering whole Turkey. Our strategic imperative is product leadership, in other words supply successfully commercializing products that are perceived by their users as making a real difference to them. Bio-Gen develops its pipeline by collaboration with international companies based on shared expertise and strategic commitment that leads to advance drug ensuring and commercialization.

Bio-Gen has accomplished noteworthy selling potential since 2003 thanks to well experienced team, business experience and quality of the products which are promoted by us again aiming to do long term cooperation has a very high importance in this success.

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Our company is expanding its market share day by day believing that a succesfull service turn positivite value by all means.
We, as Bio-Gen Pharmaceutical Company has been working with International Companies with our best in the Turkish Market which are given below:

Johnson & Johnson Medical  , TRB Chemedica  ,Bruschettini S.r.l

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